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We look closely at the world of the end user. And being end users ourselves, our mission will always be to support practicing thermographers and end users of our software with products that are innovative, user-driven and intuitive. ASPECT equips you with the tools you need to conduct your inspections and generate your reports effectively and effortlessly.

Aspect Title

ASPECT is designed to be fast, intuitive, and reliable throughout every part of the inspection process from data gathering in the field to running the final report. ASPECT reduces the report generating process from hours or days to mere minutes. Between efficient image importing and advanced report generating, you can deliver a final standards-compliant report to your customer within minutes of completing your inspection. We understand the value of your time, and we designed ASPECT with the latest technologies to ensure lightning-fast operations and to function flawlessly at every step of the inspection and report generating process.

ASPECT was developed through an unprecedented development process which was conducted in large part in the field while on production inspections. The result is software that is comprehensive, yet intuitive, easy to use and unparalleled in the industry.

ASPECT’s intuitive design is developed by a team of experienced Level III Certified Infrared Thermographers with many years of experience working on and inspecting commercial/industrial electrical systems teamed up with 25 years of software engineering experience with a passion for providing quality, easy to use software solutions. We’ve empowered thermographers across the USA and internationally with the ability to double or even triple the number of inspection points they can complete in a day, while also reducing the chance of errors by performing integrity checks on the fly. ASPECT generates flawless standards-compliant reports in seconds, even reports with hundreds of pages.

Our customers enjoy support that endures long after their purchase and an initial introduction via training session or a demonstration has been conducted and we are committed to providing robust, supported, state of the art software with FREE regular updates.

Give ASPECT a FREE test drive for 14 days. We are confident you will be eager to put ASPECT to work for you and your business or organization.